President Simulator 2k15

No-Brainer IF Jam Autumn 2015 Entry. Visual novel-ish/IF game that's completely accurate to the experience of being the President. Everyone wants you to constantly pass new legislation. Luckily, your trusty aide will make sure none of your decisions have any significant consequences.

Our first game ever!

Made in ~ I-dunno-how-many hours, but def < 24 hours for each of us, despite us both being greenhorns.


Concept, Coding, Editing: Skeletim (@skele_tim)
Writing, Art, Coding: Futura&! (@Futurato)

Some free sounds from and

Please enable audio for the best experience.

General Challenges:

  • Make the PC nameable
  • Avoid all gendered pronouns.
  • Include 3 or more endings.

Other challenges were probably met, maybe.

AuthorsFutura&!, skeletim
Made withTwine


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Thank you for the most realistic President Simulator ever made! I felt like I was Obama sitting at the Oval Office ready for a day of... Obama isn't the president anymore? Well he is in 2k15 so there.

President Simulator 2k15?



Oh my goodness! Just when I needed a little boost, too~ Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a wonderful comment! The road back to doing anything creative is fraught, but I'm glad that people like you are so kind. Thank you!!